Does Beauty Matter in Social Dance?

Why does the beauty of an extraordinary sunset, for example, affect us so deeply?

Beauty inspires us, by reminding us that the extraordinary is possible.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it just depends how you’re beautiful to other people.

Is there an universal common sense to what is beautiful?

Beauty is uncommon enough that it puts us in awe.

It brings us face-to-face, with something commensurate with our capacity for wonder.

It affirms that while life is far from perfect, it offers many nearly-perfect things.

How does beauty work when it comes to Social Dance?

Defining BEAUTY in this post as the way one looks…

Can one be popular due to the beauty?

People may love the work of an artist more than others due to that artist’s beauty?

Would you tend to like everything related to one artist’s work, after realizing that he or she is attractive to you?

May the beauty of a dancer help in receiving numerous invitations for dancing all night long?

May the beauty get to a point that speaks louder than the talent, of an artist?

Girls that have a crush on an male artist will love him more than others, because of his beauty, regardless of the quality of his work?

What if a male artist is handsome and have a quality work? Will he get more attention than another that only has a quality work but isn’t considered as handsome as him?

Guys that feel one female artist attractive will like her more than others because of her beauty, regardless of the quality of her work?

What if a female artist is beautiful and have a quality work? Will she get more attention than another that only has a quality work but isn’t considered as beautiful as her?

Would one beautiful woman get less refusals to dance during a party than others considered not “as beautiful as her”? Would she be refused at all?

A handsome guy would be less refused to a dance during a party than others considered not “as handsome as him”? Would he be refused at all?

What do you think about this subject on the dancer’s perspective and/or the artist’s perspective?
Please, share your thoughts with us and contribute to this research by placing your comments down below!
The social dance communities appreciate it!


3 Comments on “Does Beauty Matter in Social Dance?

  1. One of the reasons that I love social dance is that it is so open to everyone, regardless of looks or body shape, colour, physical abilities or age.
    What matters most is always – yes I would say always! – how you dance.
    Prio no.1 is dance skills, attitude and general niceness towards other people. I do believe that in the end this applies both to professionals and amateur dancers.
    I really think life is more free in this sense within the dancing community than in the ”rest of the world”.
    Personally, in my daily life I have a demanding job where I try to dress very neutral to not draw attention. So therefore it’s nice to be able to dress up for a social dance night. Yes we do love to dress up don’t we! But still, in all zouk communities I know of it is just as okej not to! You can come as you are.
    It’s important to be able to choose. For many years I was involved in the argentinian tango community and when I wanted to use my normal clothes – trousers, sportswear, sneakers etc – some people felt they were free to comment on that. Some ”oldies” thought women had to look this and this way… be feminine and so on. I got pissed of to say the least.
    Within zouk, contemporary etc that I dance this has (ofcourse!) never happened. I do feel there is a very relaxed atmosphere in this sense.
    What does matter however – and I know this has been discussed before – is personal hygien… who wants to dance with someone that hasn’t taken a shower before a dance night?
    But to sum it up I do believe that as long as you smell nice there is not so much of a difference in how popular a dancer you are based on apperance. I know some of you that have made comments about this topic are of another opinion but I don’t agree. Pretty girls also get to stand. And we don’t choose dance teachers on their looks.
    I think most of us above all are searching for a good connection in a dance. And good connection comes with practice and a pleasant attitude.


  2. This is really inspiring theme! I have the feeling in my guts that even the most beautiful lady or man can find oneself standing alone like a rose on the wall, if not having the shining attitude inside and feeling insecure… And a woman or a man who is shining the most wonderful sexy attitude, natural happiness of being oneself in ones body, knowing their steps, their moves… for me that´s what I love to see on the dance floor.


  3. Unfortunately it does in some cases. I believe that a really amazing dancer will be asked for dances even if he/she is not beautiful. But an average one will often be left sitting while others who are not even as good as him/her will be pulled to the floor just because they are ‘hot’.
    P.S. I hate to use terms like average dancer etc. It’s just to elaborate on my point.


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