Contemporary Dance classes for Beginners.

In the contemporary dance classes we will practice a release-based style influenced by the release techniques which were developed by the postmodern dancers in the early 70’s in U.S. Release-based styles seek to let go of  unnecessary holding patterns and enable economy and greater efficiency in dancing. As such, the practice of those techniques can enhance any other dance and movement practices.

The Instructor:
Silvia Vergés graduated in ballet in 1994 in Barcelona, Spain, then worked for nine years in Ballet de Euskadi, in the National Opera in Mexico and National Theatre Mannheim, Germany. In 2003 she moved to London to study at London Contemporary Dance School, gaining a MA. Along her dance career, she has practiced intensively somatic techniques such as Pilates, Feldenkrais and Klein among others. She has been working in Finland since 2007.

Single class: 15€
10 times subscription card: 110€ Valid during 4 months (check about it with the teacher). The card can also be used for the other classes (only Drop-in system) of 60 minutes duration.

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Note: This course does not require online registration, payments can be made at HDC upon arrival.

Door code: 8822