Dance Beyond The Body

Dance is much more than mechanical movements. 
It’s a powerful tool for self awareness, self confidence and self love. Through developing this elements we can find true freedom to express ourselves in our dance. If you feel that the weight of everyday life, self criticism, shyness or worries are holding you back in this path, or you just want to dive deeper in self expression through movement, this workshop is for you! 
Confidence in your technique and in yourself, connection between body and mind, all practiced in a safe space, is all you need to start dancing beyond the body.

In this introduction workshop designed specially for women, we will work on:

  • Release tension and open up to the energy flow
  • Secrets of the arms
  • Secrets of the legs

Join me on Saturday 17th of October from 13:00 to 16:00 to start this journey and transform your dance experience!

Price: 35€ (3h workshop).