HDC Covid19 Guidelines

Those are the Covid19 guidelines during the pandemic for the school operations in 2020.

As you all know the pandemic is not over so we will do our best to get you dancing as safely as possible.

What does it mean in practice?

  • We are not operating three studios as before. Instead we are using a bigger space to ensure plenty of free space for all couples with the maximum amount of ventilation the space can offer.
  • Because of this, available days of the week are split between ourselves and our partner Azembora.
    HDC days will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • We recommend you to come ready to dance and to leave your belongings on the side of the dance floor, so we avoid agglomerations in the dressing rooms.
  • Classes will operate in hybrid mode meaning that students (and teachers) will choose to either rotate partners in class or to have a fixed partner. 
  • We recommend the use of masks during your stay in the premisses.
  • In case of any symptom that could possibly be due to a Covid 19 infection, please stay home and do not come to class.

When you attend classes:

  • Assume everyone is social distancing until it is clear they are not. Do not go around hugging everyone you recognise until it is confirmed that is ok for them.
  • Make proper use of disinfectant that is provided in the space.
  • Do not crowd the toilets, wait your turn outside the toilets where there is more space.