Jukka started learning Brazilian Zouk in the first Zouk workshops organized in Finland, in 2010. Over time, he devoted more and more of his energy and interest to learning Zouk, taking lessons in Finland and visiting congresses abroad.

Freddy and Andressa visited Finland several times to share their knowledge;  Jukka organized one of those workshops. When Freddy and Andressa moved to Finland in 2012, Jukka became their student. Since that time, he’s attended pretty much every course they’ve given in Finland, including the ones for beginners. He was one of the first ones to join the Rio Zouk Style Team when it was founded in 2013. He has been training and performing with the team since.

Jukka has given Zouk lessons and workshops in severals cities in Finland as well as in the Helsinki Zouk Festival 2014 and 2015. Although he considers Freddy and Andressa to be his Zouk masters, he has learned from many other teachers as well – and plans to keep on learning.  Jukka occasionally writes articles for Zoukside Down and F&A blog.


The first couple dances Jukka learned were Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Although Zouk is his main focus, every now and then he manages to squeeze in workshops of other couple dances, or a course in Jazz or Contemporary dance. In his free time, what is left after dancing, Jukka works as a freelance software developer. He has a M. Sc. in Technology

Brazilian Zouk Demonstration after Jukka’s and Sonja’s Fundamentals workshop at 4th Helsinki Zouk Festival – 2015