Silvia Vergés (Instructor)

After graduating in ballet from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona – Spain, Silvia worked during nine years as a dancer in Ballet de Euskadi, the National Opera in Mexico and the National Theatre Mannheim, Germany.

She performed roles such as Pas de Peasant in Giselle, four swans in Swan lake, and columbine in Nutcracker, and also performed in contemporary works by Mark Goden, Octavio Zeivy, and Mark McClain, among others, touring internationally. Silvia also choreographed works for the companies she worked for in Mexico and Germany. She then moved to the UK to study at the London Contemporary Dance School and completed an MA in choreography.

Since 2007 she has been living in Finland and working as a freelance dancer and teacher. She has performed and choreographed in various freelance productions and has taught in several schools and provided tuition to professionals. In 2013 Silvia founded Inkorpora Project, a dance and interactive arts project. She has also studied music theory at Conservatori de Musica del Liceu in Barcelona. 

Though Silvia first trained in the Vaganova ballet system, later she also trained intensively in other various ballet, modern and contemporary dance styles as well as somatic techniques such as Pilates, Feldenkrais, Klein and Yoga. Silvia is currently training to become an assistant and instructor for a pair dance style from Brazil called Samba de Gafieira, practicing also alongside other Brazilian styles such as Zouk and Forró at Helsinki Dance Central with Brazilian instructors and dancers, Edson Modesto, Andressa and Freddy Marinho. Silvia has also been coaching Andressa and Freddy as well as some of the HDC instructors in Somatics, Ballet and Contemporary and has taught at the Zouk intensive courses.

Silvia focuses, both in her dance and somatic lessons, on working on alignment, searching for a better use of effort and breath, seeking to increase awareness, reduce tension, and achieve flow, discovering one’s unique form of expression, and understanding movement from different perspectives.