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Lead with the Body

In Brazilian Zouk, the leader’s body plays a great role in leading. A lead that is done mostly with the body, as opposed to arms, is almost always far more comfortable and clear. Using the body to lead can also help the leader to… Continue Reading “Lead with the Body”

A Love and Hate Affair

Head movements and cambrés; who doesn’t love them? They’re one of the distinctive characteristics of Brazilian Zouk. Done well, they look very impressive and beautiful. They give us possibilities of expression, musicality and movement that other dances don’t have. Well… I do love head movements and… Continue Reading “A Love and Hate Affair”

What is the worst thing a Follower can do while dancing with you in a Social Dance Party or Lesson?

It’s common to hear some Leaders complaining about certain Followers in Social Dance! It has many reasons, and it varies a lot, also the situations change according to each community. Many times, the Leaders don’t know how to act when they find themselves in… Continue Reading “What is the worst thing a Follower can do while dancing with you in a Social Dance Party or Lesson?”

Dance Etiquette – Tips For Social Dance

Those of us that have been in the social dance scene for a while know our basic social dance etiquette like we know the back of our hand. For some though, dance etiquette doesn’t seem to come as easy, and those lacking these non… Continue Reading “Dance Etiquette – Tips For Social Dance”

CONNECTION – Tips For Social Dance

There are many elements to creating a connection: the embrace, the music, technique… but the most important one is the intention of connecting. You are not dancing alone, you are dancing with another person. Forget about yourself, forget about making mistakes, forget about the… Continue Reading “CONNECTION – Tips For Social Dance”