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MUSICALITY – Tips For Social Dance

Music is another point of connection to your partner. Don’t just listen to the music; feel it. In dance, we dance to what we feel, either melody or rhythm; there are no counts. Be sensitive to each of the instruments that make the beautiful… Continue Reading “MUSICALITY – Tips For Social Dance”

CONNECTION – Tips For Social Dance

There are many elements to creating a connection: the embrace, the music, technique… but the most important one is the intention of connecting. You are not dancing alone, you are dancing with another person. Forget about yourself, forget about making mistakes, forget about the… Continue Reading “CONNECTION – Tips For Social Dance”

POSTURE – Tips For Social Dance

Posture is very important. Working on your posture will enhance your whole experience of the dance. In order to connect well in an embrace so that your partner feels comfortable, to execute variety of sequences with ease, or to own the integrity of the… Continue Reading “POSTURE – Tips For Social Dance”

EMBRACE – Tips For Social Dance

Dancing starts with embracing. It’s the first connection into the dance. The embrace in social dance is like an embrace in life: it has to be natural and with affection, otherwise it will not live. Embrace your partner as though you are about to dance… Continue Reading “EMBRACE – Tips For Social Dance”

WALK – Tips For Social Dance

If you can’t dance walk, you can’t dance. Walking is the foundation, the basic, of the dance. It’s not the well known 8-count basic that is taught in many beginners’ classes. That is just a convenient sequence that puts together some of the basic dance… Continue Reading “WALK – Tips For Social Dance”