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Welcome to the F&A Online Dance Training!

What if you had a good quality Brazilian Zouk Training and Guidance at your finger tips anywhere, anytime?

When we started, many years ago, we wish we had a training program which we could follow to support and complement our studies and make us progress much faster. Something with well detailed explanation that we could rewatch and practice anytime and as much as we wanted, setting your own pace.

  • Difficulties to remember the content of your last class or workshop;
  • Forgetting key details and having critical gaps in your technique;
  • Being lost about what to do and/or how to start and progress in your training;
  • Saturated with lots of disconnected informations;

Those are all issues that sound familiar to you, right?
You don’t have to go through this anymore.  We got you covered!

We have developed a Training Program where you will be able to:

  • Learn or refresh the Brazilian Zouk Foundation;
  • Polish and refine your technique;
  • Practice in pair or by yourself with exclusive content for only Leads or Follows;
  • Warm up and cool down tutorials + Exercises and drills;
  • Get deeper into the concepts of Brazilian Zouk;
  • Learn in a progressive and effective way;
  • Get access to all our Live classes replay, from all levels;
  • Take your questions answered in our Q&A Live sessions;
  • Become a member in our Online Training Community group on Facebook;
  • Study 3 new tutorial videos every month;
  • Receive bonus contents added at anytime;

With over 10 years of experience in teaching for Brazilians and specially non-Brazilian dancers, building 2 dance communities from scratch in 2 different countries (Moscow-Russia and Helsinki-Finland), and having one of the most respected teaching methodology in the world, we have developed a Training Program that will guide and support your studies to progress in high speed, filled with tutorial series, broken down explanations, where you can understand the concepts, techniques and the science behind the movements.

Stop with the cycle of frustrated trainings, join our program today and feel the motivation you need to take your dance to the next level!

We are happy to be with you in this journey!

See you at the member’s area,
Freddy & Andressa XO

And you also get these extras In-Person Benefits:

– 5% Discount on private classes with F&A at events anywhere around the world. *1.
– 5% Discount on the events we promote such as Brazilian Zouk Immersion Program, Helsinki Zouk Festival, Weekend workshops in Finland. *2.
– 5% Discount on our Progressive Season Courses at Helsinki Dance Central. *3.

*1, *2 – In order to make use of the discount benefits, you need to have an active subscription at the time you want to use it.

*3 – You need to claim your unique discount code to use it at the moment you want to register for the course. In case you complete your registration without the discount code applied, it can’t be used or claimed afterwards.


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