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Welcome to F&A Online Dance Training!

Freddy & Andressa are world-renowned Professional dancers specialized in Brazilian social dances, especially the Brazilian Zouk.
They are highly appreciated for their expertise in explaining with clarity and breakdown the techniques, timing, movement patterns and etc, having one of the most sought after teaching methodology in the market.
Here comes your chance of learning from them at any time, wherever you are in the world!
Joining the F&A Online training, you get a lot of benefits and not only online but, also for in-person activities, check them out:

Online benefits:
Signing up now, you already get:
– Zouk Fundamentals Series
– Body Movement Series.
– Balão Apagado Series.
– Head Movement Series.
– Nerd Content
– Bonus Content.
– Join our Online Training Community (Closed group on FB).
– Immediate access to more than 5 Brazilian Zouk – Improvers/Intermediate – 1h each Live Class (replay).
– Immediate access to more than 5 Brazilian Zouk – Intermediate/Advanced – 1h each Live Class (replay).
– Immediate access to more than 7 Solo Technique For Followers by Andressa Castelhano – 1h each Live Class (replay).

– Access to Brazilian Zouk videos from all levels: Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced.
– Access to our closed group F&A Online Training Community on Facebook.
– Videos are added monthly.
– 3 New videos added every month (weekly) + extras, so you have some time to practice before the upcoming video.
– Bonus content added anytime as F&A’s gift to the subscribers, no limit per month, sometimes more, sometimes less.
– Live Q&A with Freddy & Andressa (dates and times are informed in the F&A Online Training Community on Facebook from time to time).
– Take the classes when it best suits your schedule.
* Coming Soon:
– Spin-on Axis Series
– Turn in Horizontal Axis Series
– Counter-Balance Series
– Samba de Gafieira
And much more…

In-Person Benefits:

– 5% Discount on private classes with F&A at events anywhere around the world. *1.
– 5% Discount on the events we promote such as Brazilian Zouk Immersion Program, Helsinki Zouk Festival, Weekend workshops in Finland. *2.
– 5% Discount on our Progressive Season Courses at Helsinki Dance Central. *3.

*1, *2 – In order to make use of the discount benefits, you need to have an active subscription at the time you want to use it.

*3 – You need to claim your unique discount code to use it at the moment you want to register for the course. In case you complete your registration without the discount code applied, it can’t be used afterward.


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